Analysis of Virtual Machine in Digital Forensics

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Virtual Machines
With the advancement in virtualization
technology, the use of virtual machines has been increased. A
virtual machine also known as guest operating system can
perform as an actual system and works as a normal computer
and provides the complete functionality of an operating
system to the user. As the popularity and the use of virtual
machines increases, crimes involving them are also on the rise.
The wide use of virtualization technology is becoming a new
challenge for digital forensics. However, where there is any
new technology for good purpose, there is always its
illegitimate usage as well. Virtual Forensics is a new trend in
the area of digital forensics. The analysis of virtual machine
monitor and associated virtual machine files is of utmost
importance. This project proposes a sound forensics
methodology to acquire and analyze the virtual machine files
by utilizing the VMware and Oracle Virtual Box artifacts.


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