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April 03, 2022

Paywalls? Not here.

To start, there are no paywalls on DFIR.

And there is no required membership to access any of the DFIR Training resources!   With the generous support of incredible DFIR organizations, everything is FREE!

I encourage you to jump in and search for anything you need that is hosted or linked from DFIR Training as well as host or link relevant information that you don’t see. The point is to be a good (the best!) DFIR resource for your career and skill building.

Occasionally, I will do giveaways of forensic tools, both software and hardware, and books. These are gifted by organizations and individuals directly. To be informed of giveaways, subscribe to the DFIR Training newsletter, follow DFIR Training on social media.

DFIR Training Membership

For those who want a personalized resource, there are two levels of membership available.  DFIR.training has had a couple of different subscription platforms over the years with trial and error to find something that works. Finally, I found one with Kajabi. Tip: If you host online training courses with something other than Kajabi, I recommend taking a look at it.  If you use this affiliate link, you can get a 30-day free trial instead of 14-day trial. Kajabi 30-day free trial.

The Basic Access is $19.95 a month for as long as you need.

The All-in Access is a whole different level.  The entry point will through the purchase of a course. You don’t need to complete the course or even start it, but the purchase of a course gains entry in the All-in Access.

The purpose of a membership is for more intimate contact and direct connections between members and me. YouTube is great, but there isn’t any personal connections or contact.

Become a member!

Basic Access

*  Semi-weekly (sometimes weekly) live chats via Zoom. This is a free-for-all chat session that is not recorded. Members can log in anonymously if needed to pose personal questions, or join via video for communications.

*  Podcast access.

*  Periodic courses dropped (not all courses, but courses like WinFE, Geolocation Forensics, Do-It-Yourself DFIR Training, DFIR Case Studies, and others…).

*  Access to a member-only blog.  DFIR.training will continue having a blog, but the member-only blog are my personal comments, opinions, and recommendations to members.

All-in Access

*  All of the above, plus…

*  Courses that are more intensive in scope (over 10 hours or highly specific forensics)

Also included, should you be the type that puts in the effort to make it in DFIR and wants to gain that extra 1% to really excel, you have access to any and all of several programs tailored for your professional and personal growth. These are where I will help transform your work and brand into the success that you are working toward.  

Personal branding - getting your name out ‘there’, social media, networking, dealing with detractors, etc..

Authoring – getting your book published. I’ll help get you through the process of finding a publisher or self-publishing, finding tech editors and co-authors, and avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

Becoming an expert – in terms of court qualification, where it matters most.  Not everyone can be qualified as a court expert witness, but if this is your goal, it can be done with effort and knowledge of the process.

Your transformation

If you only need access to training courses that I put together, either membership will work. And if you are looking to stand out in the field, All-in Access is where I want to help guide you. As with any forensic tool, you can spend days or years trying to figure it all out on your own, and maybe you will or maybe you won’t.  But if you are guided and shown the way, not only will you save time, but you can excel. Learning from decades of experience of someone else’s school of hard knocks is the fastest and least painful method to succeed.

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